The Hey Days

On January 1970 “Love Grows” hit the Number One spot in the charts and suddenly,as far as 4 young men from Windsor and Maidenhead were concerned, everything changed.

Overnight they went from plying their trade in the pubs and clubs of the home counties for £20.00 a night as “Greenfield Hammer” to TV, TOTP, Crackerjack,The Mamma Cass show, magazine interviews and photo sessions.

There was barely time to re-adjust before they were sent back on the road but, this time to a much bigger audience. Their first date as Edison lighthouse was the Coventry Locarno. Of course, they were all nervous in anticipation of playing such a big venue but they
needn’t have been. The revolving stage turned as they hit the first chords of their opening song only to be drowned by the cacophony of screams and shouts from the sea of fans stretched out before them………….They had arrived and a new chapter had begun.
The ensuing days, weeks and months blurred into an emotional roller coaster ride as they played the big clubs and auditoriums from London to Wales, the West country to the Midlands, Scotland, Ireland and Scandinavia. They came within touching distance of America where the record reached N0 4 in the Charts but, unfortunately due to technicalities with visas and work permits it never happened.

Love Grows stayed at No 1 for 5 weeks and remained in the charts for 12 weeks. Inevitably it slipped out of the top 20 then out of the charts altogether and, although they tried to record a follow up, such was the enormity of Love grows it became increasingly obvious that, not only was it a “hard act” to follow, it was virtually impossible. Try as they may, the writers more or less gave up and the band continued to tour until they also gave up and went their separate ways.
It would be more or less impossible to describe exactly the effect that the whole Edison Lighthouse episode had on their lives suffice to say that it was an experience none of them would have missed for anything.
Edison Lighthouse now: Stu and Dave are gigging regularly at music venues throughout Cornwall
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