Other Projects

By 1973 Edison lighthouse had more or less run its course and Ray, Dave, Stuart and George drifted back to reality and sought to re establish themselves in "Proper Jobs" It was hard but necessary although they all kept their hand in musically and stayed very much in touch with one another.

Dave eventually put a band together called “Liar” and, after several personnel changes secured a record deal and took off for LA where they recorded on the Bearsville label with producer John Allcott. They subsequently toured successfully both here in the UK and in Europe.
Eventually like Edison, Liar also ran its course and once again Dave found himself back working for "the man"

Stuart and George, in the meantime had teamed up with 3 old friends, Steve Mitchell, Keith “Ziggy” Stevens and Dave Scott and were playing the local scene, more as a therapeutic exercise than for financial gain. Dave Scott (Bass) eventually left to pursue his career and it seemed an obvious move to invite Dave Taylor back into the fold.
Dangerous age was formed and they all returned to their roots playing an eclectic mix of Blues and Rock ‘n Roll. They soon established themselves on the local circuit and
acquired a substantial following. Once again they were playing , not for money, but for fun and loving every minute of it.

Ray in the meantime was climbing the corporate ladder and though not involved in music was enjoying life and success in his chosen profession.
Edison Lighthouse now: Stu and Dave are gigging regularly at music venues throughout Cornwall
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