Where are they now ?

Edison Lighthouse now: Stu and Dave are gigging regularly at music venues throughout Cornwall


Ray visits Stu and Dave at one of their gigs

Seems like only yesterday...

Stu and Dave regularly keep the flag flying as Edison Lighthouse at a wide variety of music venues and private functions throughout Cornwall. For a complete gig list please go to the New Gigs page
Ray is working for John Crane, a division of Smiths Group, where he is the Managing Director for the Asia Pacific region, and a frequent traveller across the region from New Zealand to India. He and wife, Michelle, have lived in Singapore since 2004, and they are enjoying it, apart from missing family & friends. They have daughter Honey 28 and son Justin 36, both living in the UK but with regular visits either way. Ray has not been seriously involved in the music business since 1971, but under duress makes the obligatory performance at the occasional family party. He stays in regular touch with Dave & Stuart and is really happy that they are still rocking. On a recent visit to see Dave & Stuart at a gig in Cornwall he got up and performed Love Grows, the first time the three have performed together since the seventies.
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